Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A new men's magazine is in town

A new Lebanese men's magazine is in town. It is named as (Al-Muthira المثيرة) in Arabic that can translate as: "The Hot lady" or something with a similar meaning. You probably seen the poster boards hung on every footbridge from Beirut to Batroun announcing its debut.

I am very excited and cannot wait to buy me an issue and see what’s in it.

It seems to be the work of a well-known Lebanese born-again religious militia leader that turned Casanova nicknamed as (Al-Hakim الحكيم) aka the Lebanese Hugh Hefner. Al-Hakim is the Arabic word for “The Doctor” or “The Wise Man”; and similar to Hefner’s Playboy mansion, the Al-Hakim resides in his private Moarab mansion in upland Keserwan.

It seems it will feature some hot and daring topics that you won't find in other Lebanese majalleh as it says in the advert, it also shows a nice looking 2-sided sex toy held like a freedom torch.  AYWA AYWA!!

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